Bound in Iron was born out of the desire to provide the kink community with metal and steel options for play and home. 

"I have been a blacksmith for almost twenty years. A few years ago, I started combining my skills as a blacksmith with my love of all things kink. I enjoyed making things and trying them out on my partners. After multiple suggestions that others might benefit from the fruits of my labor, one thing led to another, and here we are."

Our items are all original designs and we take pride in the individuality of our craftsmanhip. As such, each item we send out will be slightly different than the last. The occasional hammer mark or bend that comes as the result of the forging or bending processes are part of what makes Bound in Iron pieces unique and in demand.

As part of our love for the kink community, of which we are a part, we are always interested in hearing new ideas for items that might be on YOUR mind.  Designing and making unique items for people is our favorite thing to do, so please feel free to contact us. We enjoy a good challenge, so don't be shy with suggestions.

​Most of all, we hope you enjoy your purchases from Bound in Iron as much as we have enjoyed creating and testing them.

​-Bound in Iron Crew